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Cameron Mitchell
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PostSubject: Altera   Wed Dec 24, 2008 4:00 am

Hey, guys, I need your opinion on something. As you know, Warp Gate's going to end sometime next year, and I don't want to be left in the dust with writing. So, I've been brainstorming (alongside Warp Gate episode ideas) a new series to start writing for. So far, I have a vague idea of what I'd like to do. It's a Stargate prequel called Altera (working title). Let me give you the synopsis.
- In Modern Day Atlantis base, McKay and friends discover (again Rolling Eyes ) an undiscovered section of Atlantis. Inside, there's a dark room with a single, primitive looking, pedestal. When Sheppard or McKay (or whoever has the ATA gene and touches it first) touches it, it lights up and the walls of the, now apparently cylindrical, room light up with white light. Then they press a single glowing button on the pedestal, then a voice comes out and explains the meaning of the room. It's a database of an experiment to colonize on another galaxy with more Ancients, during the Wraith-Alteran War. After the Alterans left Atlantis, they made sure to leave the others in the other galaxy be, to continue their experiment. But anyway, it's where they get their name "Alterans," because the experiment is leaked to the Wraith, who come to know them as Alterans because of the home planet's name, Altera.
It's still kind of in a brainstorming faze, like I said, but I was wondering if you had any thoughts, ideas, what have you? Thanks, guys, and happy holidays Very Happy
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