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 goa'uld tech

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Princess AmyRose
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PostSubject: goa'uld tech   Sat Jan 19, 2008 11:17 pm


now I was reading up on goa'uld tech....more or less tok'ra tech and found this. It gave me ideas for the game.

Hand device(I mentioned before): it would be cool to have one or more types of this...1 being basic with the force push being activated...another being a more advanced being a system lord version, which enables "force push" and the jedi ability to enhance def. The site also says the more advanced one has the ability to cause pain and suffering to a person and implant memories...I was thinking maybe enable "drain" as well?

Healing device: maybe enabling "Heal others" when this is active...because hand devices can't heal the user.

the others we have in some way....or at least can rp.

But for a random skinned unit I was thinking of Goa'uld probes? we can just make a skin and use the ones in game.

just a few things that I thought of when getting to know my tok'ra self today XD
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The Doctor

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PostSubject: Re: goa'uld tech   Sun Jan 20, 2008 12:23 am

I like it, all you would need to do is grab the coding for the force push and intergrate it into the coding for the hand device Razz
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goa'uld tech
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