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PostSubject: Jediraslan13   Jediraslan13 EmptyTue May 12, 2009 4:56 pm

Hi, i'm jediraslan13
Real name is Russel

I'm a 13 year old boy, and I like coding/mapping/npc making
I really like stargate and I will do anything to help this mod progress
I made my own scripts and codes for my Stargate server and it has like everything (tau'ri, ori, ascended, jaffa, goa'uld and all those) (it also has very good vehicles) ***The name of the mod is JKS: Universe***
I like modding but I lost all my previous work when my computer got virused and I had to reinstall the whole computer

I really like animals, computers and maths

my current website is:

my old website got deleted and all the files, it was about Star Wars

Stargate was the series I watched since I was 4 and it's sad the series ended, I want to make my own seasons(making them in JKA) until Stargate Universe comes out

If you issue me a job for Horizon studios you should know that because of school I don't really have time, I will make random contributions to Horizon Studios, like my NPC pack, which you can find on the News section or on my website, the real fun thing about the NPC pack is making a server, and then spawn a lot of enemies and obstacles, and after that send a few teams through the stargate, struggling to accomplish the objective is really fun( the npc's have a really advanced AI so they will be a challenge, but if you die.... you cannot pass through the stargate again, sorry its the rules)
I think JKS: Universe: the mod I have for my server, easily combines with Stargate: Event Horizon and would make a perfect game, I use some of the files from Stargate: Event horizon, mentioning on login that their files contributed a lot to my server (JKS universe is the server mod I made: Jedi Knight stargate universe, i will give it to anyone who PM's me after I launch v4.0, which will be the final version)

I know how to mod/script/map/code so if anyone needs my help they can just ask, currently my best scenario is besieging the Hat'ak and I'm really proud of it, I can send you a Demo of it

I don't have any screenshots of my work yet but I will publish them on my website soon, and I will also publish videos, Check my website out
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PostSubject: Re: Jediraslan13   Jediraslan13 EmptyTue May 12, 2009 8:41 pm

welcome to the site! Hope to see your work!
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