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 12 reason O'neill is better then Picard

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Princess AmyRose
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PostSubject: 12 reason O'neill is better then Picard   Sun Jan 20, 2008 7:18 am

as found on

Quote :

* 13. Jack has not been reduced to reading stupid poetry on cholesterol ads with his fancy acceent.
* 12. Jack O'Neill has a sense of humor.
* 11. Jack Acknowledges all the Sci-Fi shows and movies his show is based on, Picard wants us to think he is totally original.
* 10. Ten seasons. Suck on THAT, Picard!
* 9. In Jacks show his opening title sequence has a theme song showing alot of action, it doesn't waste time telling what his seven year mission is.
* 8. When Picard goes some where he meets people who say they're aliens. In O'neills show the people don't even try to pretend they're aliens.
* 7. Picard only goes to new worlds, civilizations and junk like that, Jack goes to planets to stop Ancient Egyptian Gods from destroying Earth.
* 6. O'Neill has no Prime directive in his way that keeps him from kicking ass
* 5. On O'Neill's first episode, he went to another planet to battle Egyptian Gods, on Picard's first episode he got in an argument with some guy named Q.
* 4. Jack O'Neil can travel from planet to planet in a matter of seconds, Picard takes days, if not weeks.
* 3. Jack O'Neill's show is based on an awesome movie, Picard's show is based on a cheesy 60's show that got horrible ratings.
* 2. Jack O'Neil has an actual gun, not something that looks like it was manufactured by preskool toys.
* 1. Jack O'Neil is not French, nor does he have a Shakespearean British accent.
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Cameron Mitchell
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PostSubject: Re: 12 reason O'neill is better then Picard   Sun Jan 20, 2008 7:32 pm

If Picard was cool...
Picard: the only two things I hate in this universe are people who aren't racially excepting, and the Duetch!
Me: *Gives Picard a high five*
Picard is not that cool...
Picard: warp engines, French poetry, grapes, ENGAGE!
Jack and Me: *slaps Picard across the face and high fives eachother*
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12 reason O'neill is better then Picard
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