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 A Day to Remember - Atlantis Fanfic

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PostSubject: A Day to Remember - Atlantis Fanfic   Wed Jan 23, 2008 9:55 am

Sheppard and his team walk through the Event Horizon on the Atlantis gate, the gate itself shutting off as they walk forward another three metres.

"Welcome back John", Carter says as she walks down the stairs, "Ello", John replies, "How was it?", Carter asks as the team walks up into the main control room and into Carters Office, "Well, if you call meeting a bunch of people in the stone age a good mission, yea It was fine"[/b], Sheppard says sarcastically, "Yea, the best fighting they did was throw rocks at us, so I blew a hole in one of their caves", Ronon says, smiling as he leans against on one of the poles, "Yes, I would say that diplomatic relations with these people would not be recommended Colonel, they seem, how could I put it, agitated by our presence", Teyla says as she looks over at Mckay, "Yes, Yes, Very Successful mission", Mckay says, as everyone stares at him, "What else can I say? That I found a ZPM?", Mckay remarks, "You found a ZPM?", everyone else says, at exactly the same time, except Ronon, he thought he was 'too cool' for the situation, "No! I was being sarcastic, Jeez", Mckay replies, Ronon in the corner smiling.

About Two Hours Later

Mckay sits at his laptop, next to the Wraith working on a macro to disable the Asurans, "Any luck?", Mckay asks the Wraith, "No, I could work faster if my restraints we're taken off", the Wraith replies, as he struggles, as if to 'want' to remove them, "Ahhh, Let me see, No, after your little, 'I wanna feed' thing you did, I don't think so!", Mckay says, seeming a little scared, "Unschedualed Off-World Activation", comes over the loudspeaker, Mckay gets up and runs to the gateroom, although it wasn't a run, rather a 'fast' walk.

Everyone is assembled in the gateroom, "Who is it?", Carter asks Chuck, "No Idea Ma'am, Shield just deactivated!", Chuck says as Marines run into the way of the Stargate, "What the hell is going on!", Mckay says as he walks up the stairs and spies the shield down, but at that moment, a flock of teenagers runs through and into the gateroom, "Lockdown the gateroom from the city!", Sheppard yells, "Too late, their loose", Chuck replies as they look at the scanner to see all of the teens rush around the city on the scanner, Sheppard and Carter walk up to the window, "Aw Man, I just had that cleaned!", Sheppard remarks as one of the teens vomits on the window, "Want me to go kill'em all?", Ronon says, a large grin on his face, "That is not a good idea", Teyla says, an authority in her voice, "Why not just beam them all into space?", Mckay says as he looks over at the scanner, "Ma'am, they've got a Jumper", Chuck says as everyone looks out to see a Jumper flying around, a 'drunk' teen at the controls, "Now, Drink Driving is one thing, but Drunk Jumper Flying, now thats new!", Sheppard says as the teens are 'locked' outside.

Five Days Later

Carter wakes up, and walks into the gateroom, she looks around, not a teen in sight, Sheppard walks into the gateroom, "What the hell, where'd they all go?", Sheppard asks Carter, she shruggs, then they both look over to the balcony, a Jumper had 'crashed' and taken out most of the wall, "That was my favorite Jumper!", Sheppard remarks, "Damn Hoons!", Carter says, both laugh and walk towards the mess hall.
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A Day to Remember - Atlantis Fanfic
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