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 StarGate Zéta Site

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PostSubject: StarGate Zéta Site   Sun Jan 27, 2008 4:03 pm

Here is one I did along time ago... lol

StarGate Zéta Site

Brig. General Jonathan Murray
Dr. Donald Shyer


SZ-1 (Exploration, Covert Ops, Diplomacy)
Lt. Col Derek Redman
Jaffa Warrior. Kava
Major. Jeffery Thomson
Dr. Melissa Preston

SZ-2 (Medical, Assault, Search & Rescue)
Lt. Col. Donny Fielder
Capt. Zackary Davis
Lt. Alex Biell
Major. Bryan Davis

Other Personal:
Airman Thomas Goodman Gate/Iris Controls
Dr. Silvia Krivok
Dr. Danny Christianson Doctor
Tech Sgt. Wallis Green
Staff Sgt. Richard Geary
2nd. Lt. Kathy Header
Dr. Don L White

StarGate Zéta Site

The 3rd City

Base Alarm Sirens

ARM. Goodman: Incoming Wormhole, Closing iris

Redman and Kava race into the control room

LT. Col. Redman: Who is it Goody?

Kava: Goody? Sir?

Goodman: “Sighs” Unknown Sir, we’re not getting an IDC.

Redman to Kava: Goody, it’s a, nick name…. kinda… Don’t you Jaffa ever have nick names?

Kava: What is a “nick name”?

Redman: Never mind…….

Tech Sgt. Wallis Green: That’s odd….

Goodman: Wormhole has disengaged. Opening Iris.

Green to Redman: Sir, we were getting some strange readings from the gate.

Redman: How so?

Green: Well it was sending through some kind of signal I’ll analyze it and see what I can find out.

Green walks off to his lab

Redman to Goodman: Keep up the good work Goody!

Redman and Kava leave

Goodman to Dr. White: I hate him sometimes…..

Theme Song

Maj. Thomson and Dr. Preston are walking down a corridor

Thomson: Look I’m just saying if it was just round like every other ball, this it wouldn’t be a foot ball!

Preston: You know all I asked you this morning was “will you have breakfast with me?” and you rambling on about why a foot ball of all things is shaped like a foot ball?… “sighs“ Men….

Preston walks away

Thomson: What?! Ahh c’mon! I was trying to make conversation!

End Scene

Brig. General Jonathan Murray Office:

Murray: Oh god, another day in paradise… Hmm…

Redman nocks on the door

Redman: Can I, bother you, for a while?

Murray: Of course, your more then welcome to… I was just doing some paper work….

Redman: I know you Jack, your never doing paper work.

Murray: I do sometimes, when--

Just then Green rushes in

Green: Sir!… Uh, Sir’s! I have some new information on that signal we got this morning.

Murray: What did you find Doctor?

Green: Well it’s Altaren.

Redman: Altaren?

Green: Yes Sir. It seems it’s an older Altaren distress signal.

Murray: Derek, assemble you team and be ready to leave at 13:00 hours. And take Green with you.

Green: Me, ma-ma me? Sir?

Redman: Him? Sir?

Murray: Yes him, he’s our biggest expert on Altaren technology and if there IS something on that planet, you’ll need him.

Redman: yes Sir.

Green: O.O’

End Scene

Later in the Gate Room

Redman: Dial it up Goody!

Goodman: Dialing P4M- 696.

Redman: So? You guys think we’ll find something worth bringing home?

Kava: I would be more worried about coming home alive.

Thomson: You always have to be a downer don’t you? Cant you ever lighten up? Shies!

Preston: If you had lived her life you think you would be as care free as you are now?

Thomson: I could have had her life and still been like this---

Kava: Try having a demon live inside you stomach for most of you life. We will see if you will still laugh carelessly.

Thomson: Ew…

Redman: Alright kids calm down, don’t make me turn this wormhole around.

Green: Theoretically it is possible, but you would need to convert the--- Why are you looking at me like that?

Redman: It’s gonna be a long trip.

Gate activates

Murray: SZ-1 Your have a go. Good luck.

The team walks through to the other side.

Thomson: Wow! That was a long trip…

Kava: Sneers

Redman: Alright Thomson your starting to get on MY nerves. Green! Lead the way…

Green: Uh, yes sir…..

After a few hours

Thomson: Damn… Green I thought you said you could find this thing? I don’t feel like walking around the whole planet.

Green: No, I, it’s around here… somewhere… This thing says we are right on top of it! I, I don’t get it….
Redman points to a large tower off in the distance: Well….. THAT couldn’t be it could it?

Green: Oh my…

Preston: it looks like the center spire of Atlantis

Green: No it’s different, but the scale is huge… it, it must be an older model?

Thomson; Didn’t Sheppard and his team find a second city?

Redman: Yea…. They did…

Kava: This would explain why you thought we were on top of it… Would it not?

Green: Do you know what this could mean?!

Kava: …

Green: This means there could have been fleets of Atlantis sized ships out there! And we found our own! On an empty world! Ha!!!

Redman: Hold on there sparky, someone had to turn that distress signal on.

Green: Oh yea….. Ahh, damn it. Well maybe we found some Atlantians?

Redman: Thomson head back to the gate, let em know what we found. I think we’ll have a look see.

Later at the spire

Green: oh my god it’s so beautiful… I could just

Preston: Don’t get to attached, she might have someone remember?

Green: cute, very cute. I’m just admiring it…

Redman; we should look for away in, Green your with me. Kava, Preston, search around the spire.

While Redman and green search

Preston: So…. Did you have anyone? Back home?

Kava: I prefer not to talk about my past thank you.

Preston: Hmm, well I don’t mind. I had a guy on Earth, his name was Allen. He was about 6 foot--

Kava: Please, spare me, I have no need nor do I want to know.

Preston stops walking for a moment “Hmph…”

End Scene

Redman: you know Green if you didn’t stutter, invested in some of those contact lenses and maybe just maybe if you didn’t talk about Atlantis 24-7.. Girls might talk to you a little more….

Green: I know, I just, I don’t know I can’t--- Wait a second… I’m picking up an energy signal. I think I found a, WAHOO! There is a small door about 3 feet down!

Redman: Well I didn’t bring a shovel… Did you?

Green: Well you’re the combat trained one… cant you just blow it up or something?

Redman: Fine… go stand over there

A few moments later


Green: Alright! Think you dug down far enough?

Redman: Well…. You can dig the rest out…. Kava, Preston. We found a way in. Head south about 2 clicks.

Green jumps in: It’s dark down here. There should be a panel somewhere, I’ll see if I can activate the lights or something….

Redman: Right… Well hurry up, looks like it’s going to rain… I don’t like being wet.

Green: Yea, yea… Ahh ha! You little pain you, thought you could avoid me eh? He-he…

Redman: Are you talking to the city?

Lights activate

Green: There, see? Your good Wallis, real good….

Redman: Stop talking to yourself too…. It creeps me out…

Green: Huh?

Back at the StarGate

Thomson reaches for is radio: Hey I heard that, Can I come back now? It’s raining out here! Guys? Hello?

Green and Redman explore the under parts of the city

Green To Redman: Aren’t you going to answer him?

Redman: Nah… He’s trained to handle worse.

Meanwhile Kava and Preston get to the entrance

Kava wave’s Preston down to the ground: I hear something.

Preston: I don’t hear anything

Kava: Silence, there is something out there.

Kava Readies her Staff Weapon: Preston get inside.
Kava runs off into the woods

Preston; ….uh…. Ok…. I hate it when she does that.

Kava slowly creeps up on some bushes when a Wraith jumps out! Kava swings her Staff at him hitting him in the head, and he lunges at her with a knife. Kava turns and he falls to the ground then she fires a shot into his back. Killing him then reaches for her radio.

Kava: Redman, be careful, I just killed a wraith….

Redman: A what?!

Kava: Do you not know of the wraith?

Redman: I KNOW WHAT A WRAITH IS! What I meant was WHY is one here!

Green whispers: Why is there an ancient city in the milky way galaxy?

Redman looks at green: Shut up….

Thomson: OK! I really want to come back now!

Redman: ok everyone back to the gate.

Preston walks out of the spire heading for the gate only to be captured by 4 Wraith guards

Redman: where the hell is Preston?

Green: Maybe she went back already?

Redman on the radio: Preston! Preston where the hell are you?

To be continued.

End Credits
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StarGate Zéta Site
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