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PostSubject: ALL! NEWCOMERS READ BEFORE YOU POST!   Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:13 pm

1. No Discrimination. This includes Gender, Race,
Religion, and sexual orientation. We do not tolerate discrimination of
any kind: "I hate Jews", "That's so Gay", and "Whats up my Nigga" as
popular as these terms are we will not tolerate discrimination. Its

2. No Harassing other members! If they piss you off tell an admin! Let us deal with trouble makers.

Keep Cursing to a minimum. We know not everyone is perfect so we don't
expect you to be either. Cursing is unavoidable but please, don't use
it in every sentence you say. It gets old, fast.

4. Keep Spam in
the off topic area please. Spam is for the off topic area. Everyone has
a fun link to promote or a pure nonsense site that they think people
will love. Post it there with out penalties. Feel free to post mods you
think people will like in the Friends area. Just don't be shocked if we
like it and ask to do a ad on your site.

5. Please no double
posting! It gets annoying when people double post. Take the time to
enter everything you need in a post. Sometimes that doesn't work, we
have been there. Just use the edit button =D. If you do double post on
accident then delete the copies ^_^.

6. No pornography! This is a clean site! No nudity, cybering, or erotic stories are aloud!

Have fun! We don't make rules for power trips. We want you to feel safe
and to feel we are an open minded and accepting place where you can
be your self. So please sit back and have some fun =D

respect the admins. We are here to make this place run smoothly. Admins
words are law. If you feel an Admin is unfair feel free to PM Dex.

Violators of these rules will be given the following:

First Offense: Verbal/graphical WARNING!
Second Offense: Temporary Ban (length of time depending on how bad the crime is)
Third Offense is another temporary ban and the admins Vote on if a perm ban is in order.

the First and Second Offense is a probation period.
After probation is
over then your slate is cleared.
Probation may be declined if crime is too big/frequent.
Probation time varies.


XBL name, sgReaper117 Add me if you want.
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