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 Stargate: Aurora Prologue

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PostSubject: Stargate: Aurora Prologue   Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:28 am

Part 1
"I hereby promote you to Lt. Colonel," announced General Hank Landry in the briefing room, just above the control room.
"Thank you sir," Sean replied, saluting in his blue blazer, now decorated with a pin few get to where. The General lowered his hand, and so did Spencer, not wanting to look like an idiot. "Sir, if you don't mind my asking, I was told I was to lead a team, but they never said what team, and they also never said what for." The General laughed and looked at a box that had been sitting on the briefing room table since he had walked into the room.
"Go ahead and open it," he said as he walked Spencer over to it. Spencer looked at it and just thought what could possibly be in a box this small. It looked like a small FedEx box. "Come on Spencer, we're not getting any younger!" the General protested at Sean's silence.
"Uh... Yessir." Sean opened up the box to find a small box, on top of a tablet computer in a casing. He picked up the apparently, very important box and opened it, it contained the regular wings indicating that he was in the air force. But, there were two more, one had a planet Earth on it with a weird symbol on it, and another badge, like an inverted V, a chevron with a 1 on it. "Sir?" General Landry chuckled a little and walked to a window covered with metal on the outside and turned a dial right by the window. The metal rose and Sean slowly walked to it, and saw a giant ring...
"SG-1 is an elite squad of explorers. It originally was comprised of Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and an alien named Teal'C. After about eight years, Colonel O'Neill was promoted to General O'Neill and made leader of the SGC. A year later, a new leader of SG-1, Colonel Cameron Mitchell, was brought into the SGC after a skirmish with some enemy aliens in Antarctica. Then another alien named Valla Maldoran. Later, COLONEL Samantha Carter was transferred to an offworld expedition just about half a year ago. Not long after, Colonel Mitchell, Dr. Jackson, Teal'C, and Valla Maldoran also joined her to aid with a war against an enemy known as the replicators. Now we have no SG-1." Spencer was listening as hard as he could while still looking at the giant ring roughly a story below him.
"So... SG-1 is a team of space explorers?"
"In layman's terms, yes."
"And they travel through that thing?" Spencer pointed at the ring.
"Yes, it's called a Stargate."
"Did we make it?"
"No, no, the Stargate is a device that creates stable artificial wormholes that allow you travel through space. They were created by a race known as the Ancients, they created a system of Stargates in almost every galaxy, spreading life, millions of years ago." Landry walked back to the box and picked up the Tablet Computer inside, and took off the case. "This is obviously a computer, but it is connected to the SGC's OS. It has mission reports, diagrams of equipment we use, a database from something we call the Atlantis Expedition, and even diagrams of the Stargate and it's inner-workings." Under the tablet was a uniform (it is the new Atlantis uniform, black jacket and pants, with black for the stripes) it had places for the patches he was given earlier. "This is your SGC and offworld uniform, it will vary between people color wise depending on people's ranks, your is black indicating command."
"Command of what sir?"
"I didn't promote you because I felt like it Maj, Lt. Colonel, you're here to lead the new SG-1." Spencer looked at the General and smiled like the General had before. The General smiled back. They spent almost a minute doing a weird, awkward smile off, until Spencer's just dropped.
"You're kidding, right sir?"
"I'm dead serious Colonel." Replied the General, in a very serious tone.
"Sir, I just got here, do you really think it would be a good idea to put a newby like me in a position of leadership?"
"Your file speaks for itself," the General said back, "102 hours logged behind enemy lines."
"Now that was..."
"Was able to master the 302's controls in a matter of days."
"You lead several Black Op mission, all successful."
"Okay, okay, I get it... sir," Spencer interrupted, "but do you really think that I'm capable of this kind of command?"
"Has a hard time excepting promotion above pears and other soldiers," the General replied in a slightly cheeky manner. Spencer sat down and just thought. He remembered all the mission's he had led all across the world. He thought his career would get boring, especially after being called to NORAD.
"Do you?" a voice said, breaking Sean's daydream.
"Do you except this position?" the General repeated. Sean tried to think faster, knowing that this was an opportunity of a life time, and without listening to what his mind told him, he stood up.
"Sir, I except the position as Commanding Officer of SG-1."
"Good, now, there's plenty of things that need to be done."
"I'm almost afraid to ask Sir." Sean said quickly.
"That's right Lt. Colonel Sean N. Spencer, it's time to pick your team."
Part 2
"Sir, I know I've been here for almost," Spencer cut off, looking at his watch, "five hours or so, and should probably know all this, but I haven't got the slightest clue of who would be qualified to be on a flag ship team for missions like these. I don't think I'm even qualified, I mean, missions across the Galaxy!" Spencer waved his hands in front of himself, like a mobster.
"And then some. Spencer, you only need to take a look at a few files for about four or five days is all." The General replied.
"With all do respect sir, I just wouldn't know who to pick." The General turned around and looked at Spencer.
"Colonel, I'm not gonna lie to you, this isn't gonna be an easy posting, you're inexperienced in this kind of thing. Hell, who is?! But so were the past two leaders of SG-1."
"I was just a Major when I walked in here sir," Spencer pointed out.
Landry stopped and turned to look at Sean "Everyone starts somewhere." General Landry studied Sean for a few seconds. "All it takes is some seasoning."
"Okay, er... Yes sir."
Spencer sat on the bed in his quarters. The SGC was larger than he thought, and it took him about an hour to find his quarters.
Spencer picked up a hand full of folders and began reading, one caught his eye particularly.
_-Lewis Breaux-
__Rank- Captain
____Previous Station- SG-4
_____Skills- Includes stealth operations, shows great ability to command, experience on several critical missions, including the assistance in the first Ori Beach Head.>
This is the first of the candidates Sean chose.
"Ori? Whatever, sounds good," Sean said to himself, placing the file in another pile.
Spencer started to look through the files again, finding another good one.
_-Rachelle Fisher-
__Rank- Major
____Previous Station-Atlantis base
_____Skills- Aerial, ground, and space combat ready. Extreme knowledge of both the Pegasus and Milky Way. Light fluency Ancient. Stargate Systems.
Spencer had absolutely no idea what a Pegasus Stargate System was. An inquiry for that Tablet Landry gave him.
_-Carl Rite-
____Previous Station-Alpha site R&D department
_____Skills-Excellent knowledge of offworld alien materials and humanoids. Basic understanding of Stargate System and the Goa'Uld language.
Sean thought it over, and opened the application on his Tablet of one, Dr. Daniel Jackson, apparently, Rite had studied quite a bit with Dr. Jackson before the Dr. left to Atlantis, and Rite, back to the Alpha Site. Spencer pulled out the last folder from the last box.
_-James Rudford-
__Rank-Lt. Major
____Previous Station- Original Atlantis Expedition, then SF on board the Daedalus, then the SGC
_____Skills-Shows a common inconsistency of following set chain of command. Very well adept at offworld incursions and operations. Well achieved strategist.
Spencer noticed that this was the last file. He thought hard about it, and looked it over again. After long a long moment of thought, Sean concluded that he would much rather have a, "do whatever soldier," that can keep him from being shot with a laser or something, than a polished airman. Spencer thought if he was making the right choice with that, but he figured that this would be a good way to go for now, he's just a candidate anyway. As he picked up a pile of 22 candidates for SG-1, he thought long and hard about what he was about to get himself into.
Four days later, Sean was escorted back to Cheyenne Mountain from his apartment, and to General Landry's office.
"Colonel!" called Landry from his office. The hall between Sean and Landry was very crowded, Spencer was just struggling to keep from running into someone. After a few seconds of apologies of fallen boxes and documents, Sean made it to the General's office.
"Sir, I think I've decided on a few choice candidates for SG-1," Sean said, in a nervous voice, noticing that several senators and the President himself were looking right at him.
"Excellent, send them Walter's way, and he'll have them here within a few hours." The General said, noticing Spencer's nervousness.
"Mr. President," Sean saluted.
"At ease Lt. Colonel," he replied. Spencer turned around and nodded to the senators. Walter stepped into the General's office a few seconds after getting paged on the intercom attached to Landry's desk. Sean handed the 22 files to him.
"I think we should get set up in the briefing room. I'm sure the candidates will want to get started sooner rather than later with this interview." The General said, easing the tension yet again. The group walked up the spiral stairway from the Stargate Control Room.
"General," Sean asked to catch General Landry's attention, "sir, with all do respect, why is the President and the IOA here?"
"They're here to interview you as well."
"Interview, sir?" General Landry leaned over, as not to be heard by the government authorities in the Briefing Room.
"Not so much of an interview, as an observation." Landry said in a hushed tone. The two made their way up the staircase, leaving Sean more nervous than before.
Part 3

Several hours had passed since Spencer came to the briefing room, he had finished setting up all the things he needed for the interviews and had to use all his willpower just to keep from falling asleep. The Stargate suddenly activated and the iris closed on the blue eventhorizon.
Spencer ran down to the Control Room and took a look at all the active equipment and technicians running around.
"Cool..." Spencer whispered to himself.
"Receiving Atlantis base IDC," a random technician called to Spencer.
"Uh, uh what?" Spencer replied.
"Open the iris..." Landry said to the technician.
"Yes sir..."
"Are you ready Colonel? Your candidates are all starting to come on through the gate, so soon too!" Landry called to Spencer as he made his way down the rest of the steps.
"Yes sir, so soon..." Spencer said tired. The iris opened, revealing the blue eventhorizon again. After a few seconds, a woman walked through with two SF's.
"I take it that's Raichell Fisher sir?" Sean asked Landry.
"Right, just one of the 22 candidates however," Landry replied. Spencer started to immediately regret picking 22 people. The blue puddle in the gate grew very bright and then disappeared. The Major was led out one of the bulkheads and into the hallway by the gate room.

The chevrons on the Stargate all glowed at once with a loud noise, like a door slamming, and a light blue burst of energy flew from the gate. Several other candidates had already arrived, some were already at the SGC, Lt. Major James Rudford for example. Two bodies emerged from the gate right before it shut down. One was wearing a shirt with a patch similar to Spencer's SG-1 patch, except it had a 4 placed where the 1 was. The other was a bit thinner than the other, with a kind of excited look on his face.
"Captain Lewis Breaux and Archaeologist, Carl Rite," Landry said to Sean, "they're the last to arrive."
"Yes sir, should we get started then?" Spencer replied.
"Might as well, the IOA is getting a little impatient."
Spencer and Landry walked up spiral steps yet again to the briefing room. Spencer sat down and Landry headed to his office where he, the President, and the IOA ovserved him through the star map printed on the glass, listening to the interviews via a microphone. After a few seconds, Sean sat down and the Airman brought in the first candidate.

"And if you take a look at my file, you'll see that I've spent a year in the SGC," a random candidate pointed out to Spencer.
"Well, everything looks pretty good, I'll definitely consider you," Sean replied, showing the candidate out. Spencer took a deep breath, 18 interviews in a row. "Please bring in the next one." The next four interviews were of Carl Rite, Captain Lewis Breax, Major Raichell Fisher, Lt. James Rudford. Spencer, surprisingly, was very impressed with the last four more than all 18 other candidates combined. Spencer, exhausted, walked into Landry's office and handed him the four files of the candidates he approved of, and headed home.

Spencer had just come back with his team on their second mission, another reconnaissance mission of the plant life on M4S-912. Spencer turned to look at his team, "great job you guys!"
"The plant life of M4S-912 is always so fascinating sir," Lt. Rudford said sarcastically to Sean. The two chuckled and the five made their way to their after-mission briefing. Landry greeted them with an urgent look on his face.
"Sir, everything okay?" Spencer asked.
"We have a problem SG-1. A Gould System Lord, well he recently became a System Lord, he's found an Ancient warfare lab, he's massing his army for an attack on Earth..."
To be continued...
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Stargate: Aurora Prologue
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