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 Stargate Hathos - Episode One

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The Doctor
The Doctor

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PostSubject: Stargate Hathos - Episode One   Tue Jan 22, 2008 11:15 am

Episode One
ďOperation Hathos"

[Impressive Shot of Aztec Worshipping]

Text on screen: 8,000 Years Ago

Aztec Man: My God, I bring you our finest warriors

Aztec God: You have done well, Now I leave you, I must become one with the stars again

[Aztec Man bows down as Aztec God is beamed up into sky]

Text on screen: Present Day

[Impressive shot of Aztec Ruins]

[In Aztec Ruins]

Jack Peterson: Lets keep digging, never know what we might find down here.

Archaeologist: Check this out, there some light here

Jack Peterson: Give me the pick axe
[Man hands Jack a pick axe]
[Jack starts bashing on wall]
[Wall falls and stones fall on the ground]

Jack Peterson: What in gods name is that?
Text on screen: Stargate Command, Cheyenne Mountain Complex

[Impressive Shot of Earth Stargate, then spin around into Briefing Room and zoom in on General George Hammond]

George Hammond: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Stargate Program has just gone public, and the United Nations has appointed me to run the new ISGC Program, Now, only a few days ago a new Stargate was discovered in Aztec Ruins, this Stargate is currently in Area 53 being tested.

[Walter rushes into the briefing room]

Walter Harriman: Sir, Colonel Fields is on line one for you
George Hammond: Thanks Walter, if you will excuse me

[Follow Hammond into his office, zoom in on his face as he answers the phone]

George Hammond: Colonel, whatís the occasion?

Colonel Fields (On Phone): The Stargate found in the Aztec Ruins activated two minutes ago, a message was sent onto our computers containing a list of some sort, I have my men looking at it right now.

George Hammond: Are you telling me that the Aztec Stargate just activated for no reason?
Colonel Fields(On Phone): I have just gotten deep space telemetry, it was dialled from a planet in the Hathos Galaxy, and the list is of personnel that are required to go on an expedition of some sort.
George Hammond: Then an expedition will be setup, Colonel, keep me posted.

Colonel Fields(On Phone): Will do Sir.

[Hammond walks back into the briefing room, camera follows]

George Hammond: As of this moment the ISGC will establish its first inter-galaxy Expedition, the first expedition since the first mission to Abydos, it will be named,
The Hathos Expedition.

[Theme Music begins playing]
[V-22 Osprey flies over desert]
[Camera inside V-22]

John Sheppard: So, Ford, whatcha think weíre goin home for?

Aiden Ford: Maybe something top secret Sir
John Sheppard: I doubt me or you would be able to get into something like that!

[V-22 Lands at Airport and everyone on-board runs out and heads towards plane]

John Sheppard: What kinda plane is this?
Soldier: This ainít ours

[Light, then everyone is beamed up onto the Apollo]

[End Theme Music]

Cameron Mitchell: Welcome to the Apollo, Goodbye

[Light, then everyone is beamed into the SGC]

John Sheppard: Now that was odd

George Hammond: Major John Sheppard, and

Lieutenant Aiden Ford, Nice to meet you

John Sheppard: What the hell just happened

George Hammond: You were beamed up onto the Apollo and into the SGC

John Sheppard: Two questions, what the hell is the Apollo and two, what the hell is the SGC?

George Hammond: The Apollo is the third Earth made space battle-cruiser , and the SGC is the place where the protection of Earth takes place.

John Sheppard: Right, and Iím supposed to believe you?

George Hammond: What you are about to see is Class 9 Top Secret, until Midnight tonight (Smile)
John Sheppard: Ahh Crap, I missed lunch

George Hammond: You will be having lunch at the Delta Site in five minutes, I suggest you get into the gateroom

[Hammond leads everyone into the gateroom, camera follows]
[Stargate inner ring spins as Chevrons light up]

George Hammond: You will be taken to a planet that we have setup as a Delta Site, this planet is the closest planet to the edge of our galaxy, here you will leave for the planet we received the message from, designated Echo Site.

[Stargate Activates]
[Kawoosh Blasts out]

[Everyone walks up to the Event Horizon]

John Sheppard: This thing safe?

George Hammond: Yes, perfectly, just hold your breath

[Ford pushes Sheppard into the Event Horizon and follows]
[Wormhole Scene]

Text on screen: Delta Site, Antigo System

Colonel Langley: Welcome to the Delta Site, feel free to roam about.

[Camera capture Colonel Langley talking to Gate Tech.]

Colonel Langley: How many more are coming?

Gate Technician: About 10 key personnel, the other 100 are basic personnel, 160 on the Apollo and 200 to follow on the Valiant

Colonel Langley: Good, Keep working Lieutenant

Gate Technician: Ye-sir

Text on screen: Two Days Later, Delta Site

John Sheppard: So when the hell do we leave?

Colonel Langley: Today, if all goes well

John Sheppard: So can you give me a more exact time?

Colonel Langley: Ten Hours

John Sheppard: Great, that gives me time to continue packing

Colonel Langley: Youíll be the first to know when everything is ready

John Sheppard: Great, Iím off

[Sheppard leaves Stargate Operations and heads to his quarters, camera follows]

Text on screen: Major John Sheppardís Personal Quarters

[Sheppard packs clothing into his military pack and turns to doorway as Ford walks in]

John Sheppard: Whatcha need Ford?

Aiden Ford: General Hammond needs you in the briefing room

John Sheppard: Righteo, Tell the good General Iíll be there in a tick

Aiden Ford: Will do Sir

[Sheppard packs a top into his pack and closes the top putting the clips together]

Text on screen: Delta Site, Briefing Room

George Hammond: Welcome Major

John Sheppard: Whatís the occasion Sir?

George Hammond: Iíd like to introduce your colleagues on the Expedition, this is Doctor Elizabeth Weir, the United Nations has appointed her as the leader of the expedition, and this is Colonel Marshall Sumners, head of the Expeditions military contingent,

[Rodney Mckay walks into the room with his hands behind his back]

George Hammond: This is Doctor Rodney Mckay, chief of science for the Expedition

Rodney Mckay: I smell lemons, who has lemons?

[Sumners sits at his seat eating a lemon]

Rodney Mckay (Yelling): Those things can kill me!

George Hammond: Doctor Mckay, take a seat

John Sheppard: One problem Iíve got, since when was this expedition supposed to be run by civilians? I mean this is a military run expedition

George Hammond: The United Nations overrules my decision, a civilian was appointed

John Sheppard: But what the hell are we supposed to do with a civilian running the show?

George Hammond: Iím sorry Major, but there is nothing I can do.

Text on screen: Delta Site, Stargate

John Sheppard: Ok, so lets dial up this gate and get the hell out of here

Elizabeth Weir: Just wait Major, I have a few things I need to say
John Sheppard: Well, hurry up, times a wastin.

[Text on screen: 2 Minutes until Dialling Stargate]

Elizabeth Weir: I know that we may not return for some time, but if you wish to change your mind, please do so now..

John Sheppard: No-one? Righteo, Dial the gate!

[Stargateís inner ring spins]
[General Hammond walks into the Gate Room]

General Hammond: The Apollo will be in the Hathos Galaxy within a few days, or it should already be there, Godspeed..

[Stargate Activates and wormhole is established]

John Sheppard: Mckay, Ford, Fall in on me, weíre goin in

[Mckay, Ford and Sheppard walk through gate]
[Text on Screen: Hathos Galaxy, 2 Days After Arrival]

Mckay: This place is enormous, its capable of housing everything!
Sheppard: Oh really, well I guess we should unpack
Weir: John, you should take SH-1 and go to the planet we just found
Sheppard: Will do Elizabeth

[Text on Screen: P9X-9KP, Hathos Galaxy]

Sheppard: Well, this place looks too good to be true

[Impressive Shot of Aztec Temples]

Peterson: This looks to be a place of worship
Mckay: Oh really, just state the obvious!
Sheppard: Calm down people, lets just look around and see if we can make any allies here!
Mckay: Hey, theres some people coming

[Sheppard raises his FAMAS, Ford his M4 Carbine and Mckay his MP7]

People: We are the Keigin, Followers of Intec.
Sheppard: Intec ehey
Peterson: You know of Intec?
People: Yes, he is our god

[Armed Men run around SH-1]

People: You are non-believers!
Sheppard: No need to say we donít have a god!

[SH-1 runs to Stargate and dials the base]
[Runs through event horizon]
[Text on Screen: Echo Site, Hathos Galaxy]
[Iris closes when SH-1 runs through]

Carter: You were lucky just then!
Sheppard: Carter! Nice to seeya again!
Carter: Great to see you too John
Sheppard: Ahh, Youíre a full bird Colonel now, congrats
[Sheppard does a shonky salute]
Carter: Thanks
Sheppard: So what brings you to this brilliant place we call a cave?
Carter: Iím here to keep an eye on Mckay, as well as taking a position as commander of the Valiant
Sheppard: So our brilliant mobile base has arrived

Mckay(Over loudspeaker): Sheppard, Weir to the Control Room Immediately

Sheppard: Come join us, Iím sure Mckay would love to seeya
Carter: I bet he would

[Text in screen: Control Room, Echo Site]

Mckay: This is the power level of the base when we came, this is the level now
Sheppard: So what, we turned a few things on
Carter: No, this is draining enormous amounts of power, its almost like a shield has been running for quite some time
Mckay: Or a cloak (Mckay presses button on console) as you can see, this isnít a cave in a mountain, itís a city, a city of Ancient design, only this one has enough ZPMís stockpiled to last at least a million years or more.
Sheppard: Your telling me weíve actually found an Ancient city?
Mckay: Very much so, only this one is massive
Carter: Anything else?
Mckay: Iím about to disable the cloak, there should be a window right there
(Everyone but Mckay moves to where window appears)
Sheppard: This may take some time to explore
Mckay: From what the readout says, it takes one ZPM to power the lighting, another to power the doors and transporters, and the other is for main systems, another three ZPMís keep the city floating here
Carter: We should contact the SGC and tell them what weíve found
Mckay: I agree

[Text on Screen: Stargate Command, Two Days Later]

Hammond: Welcome back, I see you have something for us
Sheppard: Yea, two fully ZPMís, one for the base, the other for Antarctica
Carter: We should brief the president and the IOA as soon as possible

[Lieutenant General OíNeill walks in]

OíNeill: Ahhh, if it isnít the Hathos Trio
Carter: Nice to see you Sir
Sheppard: Indeed, nice to seeya
OíNeill: I see you bring power for the good Ďol Ancient Weapon and the Oriface

[Carter and Sheppard stare at OíNeill]

OíNeill: We do call it that sometimes.. Donít we?
Carter: Anyway, the Echo Site is fully powered and ready to become a full base of operations in the Hathos Galaxy, we still have to explore 90% of the city, and we hope to find shipyards with Ancient Ships, we have already found five Jumper Bays, and we will be sending twenty back on the Apollo, and also put ten on the Valiant for normal Stargate operations
Hammond: Good, I will have you transported to the IOA Building in one hour

[Sheppard & Carter Salute]

[Text on Screen: IOA Building, Washington D.C]

Carter: Mr. President, IOA Members, we recently sent an Expedition to the Hathos Galaxy, and we uncovered an Ancient City, thriving with ships and technology, as well as Zero-Point Modules
Sheppard: The city is fully powered, and has the capacity to hold at least thirty thousand personnel or more
Carter: On the screen you can see the layout of the city, the inner part is what the original city is, the outer part is an addition, like a dock of sorts
Sheppard: With your permission we are requesting ten thousand more personnel for the mission, to be sent through the Stargate at the new ISGC Base
President Hayes: Thank you for he briefing Colonelís, myself and the IOA will no deliberate on the matter

[Text on Screen: Two Hours LaterÖ]
Hayes: We have decided that you can have your ten thousand personnel, the command of those personnel is still to be decided, Lieutenant Colonel Sheppard will be promoted to Colonel, and Colonel Sumners will be bought back to Earth to command the Military Incursion of the Echo Site, Colonel Sheppard will be in command of the Military Contigiant, and Colonel Carter placed in Command of the Echo Site, with Elizabeth Weir as the IOAís representative within the Command Chain.

[Text on Screen: Echo Site, Hathos Galaxy, Five Days Later]

[Stargate is Active and personnel walk though]

Sheppard: This should be the last of them
Carter: ISGC, this is Carter, all personnel are through, we will contact in two days for a check-in, Echo Site out
Sheppard: Lets hope our Aztec buddies donít come say ďHiĒ.



Joe Flanigan as
John Sheppard

Amanda Tapping as
Samantha Carter

Torri Higginson as
Elizabeth Weir

Rainbow Sun Francks as
Aiden Ford

David Hewlett as
Rodney Mckay

Robert Patrick as
Marshall Sumner

Richard Dean Anderson as
Jack OíNeill

Directed By
Nathan Myers

Produced by
Into the Void Ltd.

Written by
Nathan Myers

Casting By
Nathan Myers

Edited by
Nathan Myers

©Into the Void Ltd.
Stargate and related names are registered trademarks of MGM. This site is intended solely for non-profit purposes. No copyright infringement is intended. Material may not be reproduced without the express permission
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The Doctor
The Doctor

Number of posts : 519
Age : 26
Location : Australia
Registration date : 2008-01-12

PostSubject: Re: Stargate Hathos - Episode One   Tue Jan 22, 2008 11:16 am

This is the first episode, expect the second, sometime in the future ^_^
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Cameron Mitchell
Official Member
Official Member
Cameron Mitchell

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PostSubject: Re: Stargate Hathos - Episode One   Tue Jan 22, 2008 11:20 pm

Wow! Dude John, I'm somewhat of a writer myself, can I join your brigade of renegade super cool's?! Very Happy
For realzies, not joking, Smile
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The Doctor
The Doctor

Number of posts : 519
Age : 26
Location : Australia
Registration date : 2008-01-12

PostSubject: Re: Stargate Hathos - Episode One   Tue Jan 22, 2008 11:22 pm

Lol, Why sure my apprentice >Smile

I was gunna setup a website for it, but I realised that Freewebs can be customised with HTML, I think Razz
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Cameron Mitchell
Official Member
Official Member
Cameron Mitchell

Number of posts : 1364
Age : 25
Location : CIC
Registration date : 2008-01-09

PostSubject: Re: Stargate Hathos - Episode One   Wed Jan 23, 2008 5:00 am

My brother is really good with HTML language, so if you need help with it, I'll talk to him Razz
Can I help write when it's ready? Good sauce John! Very Happy
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The Doctor
The Doctor

Number of posts : 519
Age : 26
Location : Australia
Registration date : 2008-01-12

PostSubject: Re: Stargate Hathos - Episode One   Wed Jan 23, 2008 7:03 am


Whatcha mean help write?

Also, it would be great if your bro could help out, a Stargate'y style site would be wicked Smile
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Cameron Mitchell
Official Member
Official Member
Cameron Mitchell

Number of posts : 1364
Age : 25
Location : CIC
Registration date : 2008-01-09

PostSubject: Re: Stargate Hathos - Episode One   Wed Jan 23, 2008 7:18 am

I mean help shoot ideas and such, also, did you get my PM? I'll talk to him! Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Stargate Hathos - Episode One   

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Stargate Hathos - Episode One
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